Khorshid Hotel : Memories of a Memorable NightQom's

Khorshid Hotel is located in the heart of Qom province and next to the holly shrine of FatemehMasoumeh . With a great geographical location and the smallest distance to the shrine opposite to the courtyard of JavadAlaemah. Khorshid Hotel has 48 rooms, suites and luxury apartments with unique views to the shrine ofFatemehMasoumeh. Proximity close to the commercial Part of the city center and Qom markets, it provides quick and easy access to major streets, shopping malls, government organizations, hospitals, cinemas, and museums. The hotel has a wide range of facilities, including: accommodation units, restaurants, luxury rooms, an amphitheater, conference hall, Coffeeshop , separate lobby in each one of floors, two floors of parking lot, laundry, prayer room, and shopping center. The hotel is located in the heart of Qom City with a peaceful and tranquil environment, offering the best memories to our gust.